Taittinger - James Bond's Champagne of Choice

The movies or rather the need to finance them with product placement has allowed Dom Perignon to become, in the public's eye, James Bond's champagne of choice. But in fact his champagne of choice is Taittinger

In Fleming's very first novel about the suave secret agent, Bond, just prior to defeating Le Chiffre at the gaming tables of Royal Les Eaux, enjoys with Vesper, a glass of Taittinger:

”With his finger on the page, Bond turned to the sommelier: ”The Taittinger '45?”

A fine wine monsieur,” said the sommelier. “But if Monsieur will permit,” he pointed with his pencil, “the Brut Blanc de Blanc 1943 of the same marque is without equal.”

Bond smiled. “So be it,” he said.

“That is not a well-known brand,” Bond explained [to Vesper], “but it is probably the finest champagne in the world.” He grinned suddenly at the touch of pretension in his remark.”

Then in Moonraker, Fleming's third novel about Bond, just before 007's first encounter with the principle villain of the piece:

“Then what?” asked M. “Champagne? Personally I’m going to have a half-bottle of claret. The Mouton Rothschild ’34, please, Grimley. But don’t pay any attention to me, James. I’m an old man. Champagne’s no good for me. We’ve got some good champagnes, haven’t we, Grimley? None of that stuff you're always telling me about, I'm afraid, James. Don't often see it in England. Taittinger wasn't it?”

Bond smiled at M's memory. ”Yes” he said ...

The wine-waiter was pleased. “If I may suggest it, sir, the Dom Perignon ’46. I understand that France only sells it for dollars, sir, so you don’t often see it in London. I believe it was a gift from the Regency Club in New York, sir. I have some on ice at the moment. It’s the Chairman’s favorite, and he’s told me to have it ready every evening in case he needs it.”

Bond smiled his agreement.

“So be it, Grimley,“ said M. “The Dom Perignon. Bring it straight away, would you?”

So yes he, Bond, did drink Dom Perignon but the first champagne he drinks is Taittinger and if Blades had stocked it I am sure that's what he would have drunk with M on that fateful evening.