Fabulous Wines

In our Purple Ski Chalets, we take as much pride in the wines that we serve as we do the food. For this reason we work with Mark Savage, owner of Savage Selection Wines and a Master of Wine, to advise us on our wine selection. When putting together our wine list, Mark aims for a balanced list which will compliment the food we serve.

He works directly with small producers who cultivate interesting wines. His emphasis is on honest, unadulterated wines, where the grape, the area and the vineyard can be found in the wine, rather than over-engineered wines, so many of which are produced today. You can find more on the Savage Selection philosophy here. We are extremely fortunate to be working with him.

Mark's wines are served at dinner in all our chalets.

Wine List

During dinner, you will be served – at the chef’s discretion – a selection of wines from our cellar (a
different red and white each evening). The wines in our cellar include the following:



And please feel free to help yourself to the champagne (Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot) and
“house” wines (**) whenever you wish.


We take as much pride in the wines that we serve as we do the food.


We offer a choice of brut, non vintage champagnes “on tap” (in other words, you can drink it whenever you wish): Taittinger Cuvee Prestige and Veuve Clicquot.

We chose these two champagnes after blind tastings with friends and past clients, of 6 different champagnes of similar standing (the others being Pol Roger, Ruinart, Charles Heidseick and Billecart Salmon). Taittinger, James Bond's champagne of choice was, by a good margin, the favourite choice of those who tasted it and was also very highly rated for brand and image. We decided to continue to offer Veuve Clicquot because it continues to be very well known and popular among many guests.


Taittinger has long been famous for the elegance and finesse of its Champagnes, together with a complexity and richness on the palate. These characteristics are attributable, in part, to the high percentage (40%: unique in the non-vintage champagnes) of Chardonnay in the blend, also to a minimum ageing of three years in the cellar.

You can read a review of it at TheWineDoctor.Com

"The origins of Champagne Taittinger date back to the original house founded in 1734 by Jacques Fourneaux. It is the 3rd oldest champagne house. However its links to the Taittinger family started in 1931 when it was purchased by the founder of today's company; Pierre Taittinger."

To quote in full from the 2008 Champagne Information Bureau Tasting tasting notes:

"Slightly honeyed, dried white fruits here. Rather soft but nicely composed, gentle mousse and an almost creamy richness. White fruit and minerals, also a little sulphur coming through from the nose onto the palate. I suspect this will be quite seductive with some time in bottle and fans should know that this cuvée is very typical for the Taittinger style."
From the 2008 Champagne Information Bureau Tasting. 16/20

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot or Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin to give it its full name is perhaps the most recognised champagne in the world and really needs no introduction. Brut Non-Vintage is a blend of fifty crus, one third Chardonnay and incorporates up to one third reserve wine.

You can read a good review of it at TheWineDoctor.com.

To quote in full from "2008 Champagne Information Bureau Tasting" tasting notes.

Sulphur on the nose here, which has a rather hard character. It has an attractive style on the palate, despite all the criticism that VC has come in for recently there are clearly some good points here. Nevertheless through the midpalate it is softer, plump even, with a touch of toffee. Rather creamy, rather feminine, if anything rather unfocused and a little too perfumed. There are better Champagnes on the market I feel.
From the 2008 Champagne Information Bureau Tasting. 14/20

You can find out more about Champagne Information Bureau from their web site at www.champagne-civc.co.uk.

“We will never forget the sheer indulgence of sitting in the hot tub comparing Veuve with Taittinger, not something we do every day!”


Each chalet is also stocked with an open bar of spirits, beers and soft drinks. If we don't normally stock your favourite tipple just let us know and we will get it for you. Some premium brands/drinks are not included as standard but given enough notice we can usually get them in for you and add to your bill.