We offer seven of the most luxurious ski chalets available in Méribel & Courchevel, situated in the resorts' most exclusive enclaves.


The following list are our top picks in the valleys regardless of price or location that we can unreservedly recommend. The list is not exhaustive but gives details of a pretty good range of restaurants.

A – Unfortunately our drivers cannot access these restaurants or they are in another valley which our driver service does not cover. We would be happy to book you a taxi if you would like to go for dinner in another valley on the Chef's night off.
B – You cannot ski straight to these restaurants with less than 100m walk from the piste.
C – You cannot get to these restaurants by walking or easily by using a pedestrian pass from Méribel.
D – These restaurants are not open for lunch.
E – These restaurants are not open for dinner.



* Le Cèpe and Le Grand Coeur are a short walk from the piste

Vallée des Belleville

* Off-piste during good snow conditions, or a driver from the restaurant can pick you up from St. Martin and take you to the restaurant.

To contact them from outside of France drop the zero and place +33 in front of the number

Courchevel Restaurant Reviews


Le Cap Horn - Courchevel Altiport 
€€€€€ - A C E

Massive outside seating area. Excellent service; high prices accompany the amazing food. One of the top ten restaurants in France according to the Times. I wouldn't go that far but definately worth a stop during your stay.

Le Tremplin - Courchevel 1850 
€€€ - A

Large terrace – a great place for people watching. A superb range of food… oysters, bulots, lobster, sushi, sea food platter, steaks, pizza; This used to be one of our favourites in the Three Valleys and we used to recommend it whole heartedly but we went only once in 2014 and not at all in 2015 because the service was quite simply appalling and the prices have been inflated (for reasons we all know!) beyond what represents good value. So our recommendation remains under review. If you do lunch here please let us know about your experience.

Chabichou - Courchevel Stade 
€€€€ - A

This is one of the great restaurants in the Alps. Chef Michel Rochedy has been working his magic here since 1963. One can go a la carte or the €60.00 lunchtime menu offers exceptional value. This is definitely our (well Michael's anyway) favourite restaurent in the Three Valleys. Not to be missed.

La Soucoupe - Col de la Loze 
€€€ - A C E

Self-service downstairs or small restaurant upstairs; chef cooks on open fire. Booking is essential. The food is reportedly very good but we are yet to try it.

Le Bel Air - Courchevel 1650 Ariondaz Lift 
€€€ - A C E

Friendly, efficient; excellent tiered sun terrace. Plat du jour and omelettes recommended. Booking necessary. Very popular with British holiday makers and understandably so. Not to be missed.

Le Bistro du Praz - Le Praz Centre 
€€€€ - A C

This famous restaurant has gone through three changes of ownership since it was run by Charlie in the 80's and 90's. We fear that the most recent change has been for the worst. The style has been changed to a naff decor that is seen frequently in France and the menu has changed completely. No more Foie Gras. I suspect we wont be going back. A great shame. I first ate here in 1988. It feels like the passing of an era.

Le Farçon - La Tania 
€€€€ - C

La Tania is not the first place you would expect to find a one star Michelin restaurant and indeed when it first opened in 2006 it did not, in our opinion, warrant the award. Things have changed and for the better and we had a very good and very enjoyable dinner here at the beginning of the 2012 season and are now happy to recommend it for lunch and for dinner. That said we would choose other's before going here.

The Others:

Le Roc Tania - Col de la Loze 
€€ - A C E

Simple but good food. Large terrace with sun all day.

Le Chalet de Pierres - Verdons Piste 
€€€€€ - A C E

Attracts a special clientele due to its extraordinary price. Food reputably good. A huge terrace and a little ice rink which is great for entertaining the children and a Mont Cler boutique. It does not make our recommended list because when ever we have stopped for a hot chocolate, a couple of times each season, it has taken an age to get served and this is not acceptable at this level.

L'Altibar (Le Pilatus) - Courchevel Altiport 
€€ - A C E

Recently under new management. Varied reports on the food.

L'Arc en Ciel - Courchevel 1650 
€ - A C

The small outside seating area catches little sun, especially in early season. Good food is reasonably priced.

Le Panoramic - Saulire 
€€ - A E

Rebuilt in summer 2001 after fire damage. Owned by the mayor of Courchevel. Food quite good, but prices not the most reasonable.

La Casserole - Courchevel 1650 Signal Lift 
€€ - A C E

Good food, though expensive; and the service isn't up to much.

L'Ours Blanc - Courchevel 1650 Ariondaz Lift 
€€ - A C
Tel: 04 79 00 93 93

No Website

Good pizza and pasta, good size portions. Service gets slow when busy but prices reasonable.

L'Eterlou - Courchevel 1650 
€ - A C
Tel: 04 79 08 25 45

No Website

Reasonable prices, wide menu. Good value food but the service can be slow.

Le Bouc Blanc - Top of La Tania Bubble 
€ - A E
Tel: 04 79 08 80 26

No Website

Good quality food, friendly service. Large sun terrace, better earlier in the day. Good views.

Méribel Restaurant Reviews


Le Clos Bernard - Altiport 

In a magical setting nestled amongst the trees surrounding the Altiport, Le Clos Bernard is a 10-minute walk from the nearest road and so its terrace is arguably as peaceful as you can get (and the restaurant is well worth the romantic, torchlit hike up the snowy path to get there!). New in 2015, the restaurant is already a local favourite, offering a variety of salads, pastas, steaks, and of course, Savoyard specialities. Highly recommended!

Allodis - Belvedere 

We have not eaten here in a long time but The Allodis did have the reputation as one of the best restaurants in Méribel and certainly the best restaurant for lunch. We may visit but the prices are bordering on the eye-watering.

Le Blanchot - Altiport 

This restaurant is so variable from season to season. We had several wonderful meals here in the summer sitting looking out over the golf course and the mountains behind, but our one outing here (for lunch) in the winter of 2015 was incredibly disappointing. At least with Bernard's return the service has changed considerably and for the better. Definitely worth a visit though.

Le Bouche à l'Oreille - Plattieres 3 
€€€ - A E

The Three Michelin star chefs from La Bouitte, René and Maxime Meilleur, have opened a gourmet bistro. Located at the top of the Roc des 3 Marches, at 2700m altitude, the restaurant Le Bouche à l'Oreille recently underwent a complete transformation. Today the alpine design dining room seats 170 people and a large terrace on 2 levels seats a further 250 and offers superb 360 panoramic views.

We have not eaten since 2014 but reports are that it is excellent.

Les Crêtes - Top of Tougnete 2 
€€ - A C E

Traditional style restaurant with low ceilings and wooden beams to match. Traditional menu. We like Les Crêtes for its simple food and friendly service. Can be very busy. Now takes credit cards.

L'Ekrin - Méribel Centre 
€€€€€ - D

Méribel has finally got a Michelin star restaurant but the prices by any standard are eye watering, let alone for a one star restaurant. Needless to say we have not eaten here!

Le Grand Coeur - Méribel Centre 

A grand restaurant in traditional hotel style but a little formal for a ski resort. We had lunch here once in 2015 and it was like a time warp. The chef either needs to get out more or be replaced.

L'Helios - Méribel Centre 
€€€€ - D

The Helios has been open since 2010 and is a welcome addition to slope side restaurants in Méribel. We have eaten a couple of times and have not been disappointed. But, the hotel and restaurant lack atmosphere.

Pizzeria du Mottaret - Mottaret 

Delightful. Welcoming, with wonderful pizzas and the best fondue and steak tartar that I have ever had. A visit to Méribel is not complete without at least one meal at The Pizzeria. Really the only place to eat in Mottaret.

Le Savoy - Méribel Centre 

The Savoy Hotel, in the centre of Meribel, is a great place to go for day time coffee, lunch and also drinks or cocktails in the evening. The bar just a fun place to be - bright and interesting during the day, busy and "buzzy" in the evenings. They really make an effort with the drinks, the staff are really nice, it's one of our favourite places to go. (Dinner might be nice too - but we've yet to try that).

The Others:

Adray Telebar - Méribel 1600 

A sweet privately owned mountain hotel serving traditional Savoyard food.

Les Castors - La Chaudanne 
Tel: 04 79 08 52 79

No Website

Convenient for La Chaudanne and lessons with most ski schools. However, recent reports are of dreadful service and mediocre food. Give it a miss.

Les Rhodos - Rhodos Lift 
€ - A E

Les Rhodos is convenient for beginners spending a lot of time on the Altiport. Not much character but quite reasonable prices. Self-service.

Le Rond-Point - Rond-point des pistes 
€ - E

The food is no longer as well executed as before. Easy access for beginners and from the road. The terrace has the sun for the afternoon all season.

Pierres Plates - Top of Saulire 
€ - A E

Just awful. Simply avoid. Self-service.

Le Chardonnet - Pas du Lac Mid 
€€ - A E
Tel: 04 79 00 44 81

No Website

A traditional style restaurant with a wide menu and season-round sun.

Chalet Tonia - Top of Combes 
€ - A C E

A lovely restaurant which we can highly recommend.

L'Arpasson - Top of Tougnete 1 
€ - A E

Large self-service restaurant. Sun-terrace isn't much use early season but it's the only stop around this side of the valley above Méribel.

Côte Brune - Mottaret 

Easy to find, large sun-terrace, but as with all Mottaret restaurants is dropped into the shade by 2pm early season, so go up the Pas du Lac if you want a late lunch! Under new management and service better but I have yet to sample the food but with the Pizzeria du Mottaret just across the way, I probably won't be any time soon.

Le Grenier - Mottaret 

Traditional style restaurant that sits above the “Chrismaran” bar. Wide menu. Seating is all indoors bar a couple of tables on the small balcony. Reasonable prices too.

Au Temps Perdu - Mottaret 
Tel: 04 79 00 36 64

No Website

Ridiculously dressed waiters serve you a range of salads, crepes and eggs. Watch out for ice on the path behind the outdoor tables.

La Sitelle - Sitelle Piste 
€ - A C E

Popular restaurant on the side of the Plattieres Blues. Small menu covering spaghetti, steak hache, saucisses and omelettes and cream freaks have to try the crazy chocolat chaud. Self-Service.

Le Refuge - Méribel Centre 

Always busy but generally disappointing. The last time we ate there it was dreadful, and our guests who have eaten there recently have given poor feedback too. There are plenty of other places to eat on an evening out.

Belleville Valley Restaurant Reviews


La Bouitte - Saint Marcel 
€€€€€ - A C

This is one of the most extraordinary restaurants not just in the Three Valleys but in France. This has been recognised by the awarding (finally) of the restaurant's third Michelin stars in 2015. We have eaten here on several occasions and if you love your food you have to eat here at least once in your life! Booking essential. You can ski here off piste or a driver from the restaurant will pick you up from Saint Martin.

Le Lachanal - Saint Martin 
€€ - A

For me this is loveliest restaurant in St Martin. The food has become more complex on change of ownership and it is not the great value it once was but still well worth a visit with friendly service and wonderful sun terrace. In my early days in Méribel I used to go here at least twice a month now it is more like once a season! Booking essential.

The Others:

Le Fast-Food - Val Thorens 
€ - A C
Tel: 04 79 00 09 94

No Website

Not a restaurant as such but worth mentioning for its good sandwiches at a good price. If you just want to grab a bite, stop here.

Chalet les Deux Lacs - Top of 2 Lacs Chair 
€ - A C E

If you can't get a seat at the restaurant there's an ok snack-bar that serves quiche, small pizzas and chips. The restaurant is quite busy but food is reputedly quite good.

Chalet du Thorens - Bottom of Christine Run
€ - A C E

Grab a hotdog at the snack-bar or head inside for something more substantial. Not a huge menu, but food is quite good.

Chalet de Caron - Bottom of Caron 
€ - A C E

Popular stop when the sun's out – huge outside seating area. Similarly huge queues at 1.15pm peak season. If you've got time, jump over the Cime de Caron to Orelle and go to Plan Bouchet instead. Self-Service.

L'Etape 3200 - Top of Cime Caron 
€ - A C E
Tel: 06 80 62 82 93

No Website

Fantastic views from the top of the Cime de Caron; however, the loos are often out of order and the kitchen unable to cope with demand. Small outside seating area. Self-service.

Chalet du Plan Bouchet - Orelle 
€ - A C E
Tel: 04 79 56 97 27

No Website

Small menu but big portions and an excellent Bolognaise. Busier now that the 4th valley has been extended, but still quiet compared to everywhere else and all season sun out on the terrace. Self-service.

Les Roches Blanches - Mid-point of Masse 
€ - A C E
Tel: 04 79 00 60 22

No Website

One of the quietest restaurants in the 3 valleys. Reasonable prices and loads of space inside and out. Check out the interesting translations at the end of the bar, e.g. Potage du jour = Potage in day. Excellent! Self-service.

Le Panoramic - Top of Masse 
€ - A C E

Great views from the top of La Masse but can get a bit breezy outside. Try the lasagna if your stomach feels like it needs weighing down a bit. Self-service.

Le Chardon Bleu - Saint Martin Mid-Station 
€€ - A E

Good for all-season sun and slightly more up-market sun terrace. Go to one of the restaurants in the old town instead.

Le Corbeleys - Saint Martin Mid-Station 
€€ - A E

Traditional menu and a comfortable rustic feel. Shares the all-season sun with Le Chardon Bleu and is probably a better bet for atmosphere..

“Our night out was a fabulous dining experience.”

(Le Grand Cœur)


Non Skiing Activities

Aside from skiing, Courchevel offers a fabulous range of activities. It is advisable to book these before your arrival to avoid disappointment. We would be delighted to make any reservations on your behalf. Your dedicated Purple Ski minibus will be available to drop you off and pick you up for any of these within the Courchevell valley. For further afield, we can of course book a taxi for you. For further information or to make a booking please speak to your chalet manager.

Exploring the 3 Valleys

Snow-shoe Walking: There is no better way for the non-skier to explore the history of the area and the wildlife than by snowshoe walking. Mark Tennent (Simply Savoie) offers half day trips for €140 and day trips for €250 for 1 guest, additional guests are charged at €20 per person up to groups of 4 but he can also arrange to accommodate larger groups. Mark can meet you at your chalet or another agreed meeting point.

Hot Air Ballooning: Why not indulge yourself in a once in a lifetime experience and take a hot air balloon ride over the Alps? The cost is €280 per person for a 45 min - 1 hour 15 minute flight, weather permitting. A private basket (2-5 people) is €1,400.

Parapenting: For a change of scenery, why not get a bird's eye view of the Alps by trying your hand at parapenting? Weather-permitting, you can parapente any day of the week. For around €110 you can glide from the top of Saulire, dropping over 1000m down to the Truite piste near the centre of town. You can easily book this on the day from the top of Saulire and Col de la Loze at one of the many operators' stalls, but we can also help arrange this for you in advance if needed. You must be able to confidently ski a blue piste. Make sure you wear warm clothes.

Val Heliski: Catering for all off-piste ski and snowboard abilities, Val Heliski offer all-inclusive day trips that promise to show you unbeatable heliski terrain accessed directly from their private heli-landing zone. They offer a range of packages including guided ski excursions, heli-scenic tours and split boarding courses. Prices start at €149pp and include a door-to-door service.

Family fun in the Snow

Tobogganing: Hurtle down the Moriond racing run, which offers 3 kilometres of piste and unleash your inner racer! The run is open every afternoon, from 12 to 4.30pm and every Tuesday and Thursday, experience night-time tobogganing until 7.30pm. The run is accessible via the Ariondaz gondola lift. One descent costs 15€ (4 or more descents cost 11€ each). Children under 1.4m, accompanied by a paying adult, are free.For your little ones, Courchevel has snowsport zones that are equipped for 3 to 10 year olds and offer a safer environment for beginners. These can be found at the top of the Tovets chair lift and at the Zen Zone in La Tania.

Igloo-building: A fun evening activity for children aged 6-13. A mountain professional will help them be creative, designing and building their own igloo. The two-hour session ends with a hot chocolate. Every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm, €29.

Horse-drawn sleigh ride: Enjoy Courchevel 1850 on a traditional horse-drawn sleigh. Approximately €25 for 15 minutes and €45 for 30 minutes. These can also be booked as taxis, taking you to shops or restaurants in 1850.

Dog Sledding: A truly unique experience – driven by a professional musher, enjoy incredible scenery in the comfort of your sledge. Meet at Plan du Vah (between Courchevel 1850 and Moriond), bookings are required and cost from €85 per person.

Fitness, Spa & Relaxation

Massages: Purple Ski is one of the few companies to employ in-house masseuses in Méribel. We have three permanent and highly qualified holistic therapists on the team who are available to treat you at your chalet and help ease away the tensions of everyday life and even help with your long-term well-being. For details click here.

Goji Spa: Located in Le K2 Palace hotel, the Goji Spa offers an indoor pool with integrated jacuzzi, steam bath, cold and hot baths, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi and fitness suite. Beauty treatments and massages can be arranged and there are also personal trainers on hand to assist you in any way you may need.

Aquamotion: A perfect way to spend a day out and a break from the pistes. Aquamotion has something for all ages, slides for the children and the Aquawellness centre where the adults can relax their aching muscles. Enjoy the indoor, outdoor and salt water pools as well as the multiple sauna and steam rooms.

Courchevel's indoor treats

Courchevel's Ice-Rink Located in the Courchevel Croisette, the ice-rink is open daily from 3pm – 7pm and until 10pm on Wednesdays. As well as practicing your skills on the ice, you can watch ice-hockey matches which are usually held in the evening making it a great activity to do on your chef’s night off. Ask you chalet manager to find out what’s on when you are in Courchevel.

Bowling: Open from 11am – 3am every day, the bowling alley, located in the forum, has 8 bowling lanes as well as a pool table, various arcade games and a dance floor.

Climbing at Aquamotion: As well as the numerous water sport activities to do at Aquamotion, test your bravery on the climbing wall or your surfing skills at “Surf Indoor”! Aquamotion is a brilliant day out for all the family!

Casino de Brides les Bains: For those with a penchant for a spot of gambling, why not visit the casino down in Brides les Bains, open Tuesday - Saturday from 6.30pm. The casino also has concerts and weekly entertainment.

Shopping: As you can expect from one of the most stylish ski resorts in the world, Courchevel offers some of the top mountaineering, ski and Snowsport brands, as well a wide array of the best designer stores in the world such as Chanel, Moncler and Hermes (and many more!).

“I had never had a massage before and ended up having two! Loved them.”

Courchevel Resort Summary

Resort Summary
Resort Altitude: 1747m (5731ft)
Winter season: December to April
Area: French Alps
Purpose built: Yes
Nearest town: Moutiers
Ski area: The Three Valleys
Lift-linked resorts: Méribel, La Tania, Val Thorens, Les Menuires, St-Martin-de-Belleville, Orelle
Lifts & Slopes
Highest lift: 2,740m (8,989ft)
Lowest piste: 1,300m (4,265ft)
Vertical drop: 1,440m (4,724ft)
Number of lifts: 67
Uplift capacity: 67,254 p/hr
Number of pistes: 58
Beginner: 20%
Intermediate: 39%
Expert: 41%
Total piste length: 150km
Snow parks: 1
Cross country: 90km
Tourist Office
Tourist office: Courchevel Office du Tourisme
Address: Saint-Bon-Tarentaise
Country: France
Zip Code: 73120
Tel: +33 (0)4 79 08 00 29
Website: www.courchevel.com